Posted by azheazam

hello aunts and uncles, i'm 6 weeks old, with the length of 0.59cm.. and MY VERY OWN HEART BEAT!!!!

pray for me that i'll get bigger, stronger and healthier.. pray that mom eat well because she didn't eat much lately.. :(

as much as i'm looking forward to seeing all of you, im currently very comfortable in mom's tummy, and not planning to leave soon.. do wait for my moments on earth!!

to mom and dad, i love you...


dear little baby,

we love you too.. no matter how many morning sickness yet mom have to go through, the severe loss of apetite, extreme fatigueness, headaches and what not.. it never once reduces our fondness for you..

and dad is really patient to put up with all of these.. and always, always being there to support mom... the joy on his face seeing you for the first time on the screen at the hospital is priceless, and he's very looking forward to hold you in his arm and teaching you to call him, bapak!!

so, grow!! strong, healthy... and if it's possible, dont let mom craving for food that's difficult to find.. :)

more love,
mom and dad

*it bring tears to my eyes writing this... oh the mood swings...