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whoa..quite some time since i last wrote.. couldn't find the time to do it.... actually, sekarang pun still busy, tapi since aku kat kl hq and the pc i shud be using is blocked by it dept and adrian's away to sumplace, aku decide nak "tumpang guna" pc dia jap..

arrived at kl at 2.oo am last nite and since we have no choice left, decided to stay at the Leo Palace Hotel.. the place is ok, but a piercing women's scream and kids giggling laughter woke me up last nite.. ada hantos ka? but i was too tired to care, just plead that they do not come into my room..

there are a few things occured in the last few weeks since my last entry, which i made a mental note to jot down....

1. My New House
- i wish i have piccies to upload, since i really adore my new house...
- and 0-0 loves it too, their playing space is thrice the size it was before
- only 1 thing that scares me, the pile of kayu-kayu lama behind the house, which happened to be the natural habitat of the scaly reptiles, snakes.. (i soothe down my paranoia by sprinkling sulphur a.k.a belerang around the house)

2. My first raya guests at the new house
- happened to be 2 boys around the age of 10-11
- on a SUNDAY morning, haloooo
- i was still in bed, i thought it was my neighbour's son sending me breakfast, eheheheh
- assalamualaikum..assalamualaikum... nak raya... (brings me back to reality)
- i did not even let them in; "akak duduk sorang la dik, baru pindah ni haa.. akak bagi duit raya je laa ea'
- haha.. i bought them with money, feeling bad.. i decided to give them a little extra.. Rm2 each
(all in coins, since the smallest change i have is Rm10)
- i have to forked out almost all of my "Sens saves lives - MAKNA" tabung to make up the Rm4 i decided to give
- after i closed the door, they stayed in front of the house, loudly counting the money i gave.. "seposen tiga posen lima posen....." (bertuah punya budak)
- that evening... as i was cleaning out my cats litter box. i heard a faint sound of assalamualaikum.. then it gets louder.. dalam hati, "mak aih.. ramai nye kat luar tuh..alamak!! ni mesti kes aku kasik Rm2 dah tersebar satu kampung"
- my decision, i stayed put silent as a mouse, praying that they leave soon.. ahahahah (aku dah tak ada duit raya nak kasik!!)
- with the tv on, they did not budge easily.. after about 10 minutes of assalamualaikum, nak raya (which gradually turning to angry notes) they finally leave... (ya ampun budak2)

3. Mak, abah and atuk's visit
- they paid me a visit last deepavali holiday..
- and when they leave, my house is upgraded!!
- ehehheee.. lets just say, casa impian's team serang rumah aku and changed almost everything..
- curtains, lighting, furnitures, pinggan mangkuk, and the list goes on..
- in return, i brought them to visit the "crocodile farm" at telok sengat
- the outcome = hillarious (abah ngan aku baling batu kat buaya ni.. dont worry, kulit dia tebal and the stones are small, why.. because we want to see croc's in action, results = extremely successful, mandi air buaya kitorang kena simbah..)

4. keje..keje..keje
- a new tender is on hand now
- tapi drawing dia amatlah kecil.. which calls for magnifying glass..
- sakit kepala aku plus pedih mata
- but i do feel like a museum curator.. studying over a piece of ancient drawing (huahauhauhaua)

seems like that is all i can remember for now, my mental's storage capacity needs upgrading.. but who cares.. hahahaaaa... adrian pun dah nak tiba balik ke meje nye selepas puas berjalan ke dept orang len..

haa.. happy birthday to siti nurlina a.k.a tote and seri!!!!
may god bless you both and bless me even more, ahahahaaa...
semoga hidup korang dipermudahkan dalam segala urusan...amin..
and most importantly, may we stay friends for thousands years to come..


moi pride & joy  

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okah okid

the love of my life.. i adore them both "very the very the much"


people's first reaction when i gave them these piccies:

seri: kucing jenis apa ni?

najmin: telinga betul ea..

kak shidah: kenapa telinga dia camtu?

angah: woo astro nye kucing ko

abang: macam kucing firaun kan (ni yang paling zalim, sampai hati abang!!)

atok mak: ni kucing hutan ni

adi: kucing hutan la ni de

ali: macam kucing hutan

mak: capang nye

pape pun, i love them.. so much.. thanks for bringing so much joy into my life..