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one of the perks of getting married.. and one that's always been a teasing material to the newlyweds or bride/groom-to-be is having a new bedmate, :)
(and i'm looking forward... ahahhaha)

my current bedmates are okah & okid, every night without fail, they will jump on the bed to cuddle near me, okid loves to be under the blanket.. curling herself beside me, while okah prefers no blanket at all and sharing my pillow.. sometimes, in the middle of the night, he would sleep on my chest with his head tucked beside my neck..
i love sharing my bed with my kittens, and i wonder where to fit abang into the picture??

reading farina's entry last few days, about reminiscing old days.. i began to travel back to the most exciting years of my life.. back as a student in Seri Puteri.. every year, we had to change dorms and classes.. who determines the list and how they do it? i have no intention in that area.. what always excites me is getting a new bedmates and deskmate.. and i have fond memories of my list of bedmates & deskmates throughout the five years.. here they are

Form One:

- dorm; MERBUK. bedmate; Siti Yuhanis Ibrahim.. (anis rupanya..ehehee)
- class; 1 Ilmu. deskmate; Siti Rohaini Abd Ghani.. (eh both are siti's.. i only realized it now..)

Form Two:

- dorm; MERBUK. bedmate; Tengku Nurul Izza.. (kak syida paling anti aku ngan ko kan izza, hahah)
- class: 2 Usaha. deskmate; Sh. Wadeah Wafa.. (i love sleeping on her lap during school hours, sian ko wafa smpai lenguh kaki..)

Form Three:

- dorm; ENGGANG. bedmate; Shafizaliana Razali.. (aktiviti curik starter lampu..)
- class: 3 Usaha. deskmate; Siti Nurlina Zakaria.. (should i say more..???)

Form Four:

- dorm; before reshuffle: MERBUK. bedmate Tengku Nurul Iza (we're back!!)
after reshuffle: TEMPUA/KIAMBANG (official), TERATAI (non-official)
*i only slept at Kiambang, all my clothes and stuffs were at Teratai tapi dua² pun dorm jin bertendang
- class: 4 Ilmu. deskmate; Siti Rohaini Abd Ghani.. (reUNITED, with a class full of PM's.. sigh!!)

Form Five:

- dorm; MERAK??? yeah, a few months.. then back to ENGGANG. bedmate; Siti Rahmah a.k.a CTnang.. (sempena dugung Si Tenang.. )
- class: 5 Ilmu. deskmate; Siti Rohaini Abd Ghani.. after reshuffle, Hafizah Johar.. (way to go fiejo!! aku ingat detik² sebok menghafal lagu citer cinderella...)

abes dah.. i do hope i didn't get it wrong, ahahaha.. i dont really remember the names of the dorm's after it was change from its origin bird's names to those stupid flower's.. ahahaha (i never like it in flower's!!!)

btw, i went for dress fitting for sanding and nikah last weekend, but having trouble since i am fleshy.. ehheheheee.. penat dah aku menahan napas..



28 Muharram 1430 Hijrah  

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i delayed this entry for quite a while.. reasons?

i feared that the same incident as my engagement date reoccured..

but Alhamdulillah.. looks like the date stay firm and God Willing.. i will be his on the night before...

YEAY!!! its my reception date!! the solemnization ceremony will take place the night before afer isya' prayer..

happy? nervous? i am happy, but not nervous.. just a lil' actually, after farina send the red code alarm.. only did i realized there's a lot to be done in such a short time!!!

all this while i'm helping mom for my siblings weddings, now its mine!!! then only i feel a lil' pressure.. and i am not good at handling one, no matter how miniature it is... sigh...

last sunday, me and mum went for wedding door gifts shopping.. sedang tertonggeng².. my big but bummed into someone and i stood up and said sorry to the lady behind me.. (nasib pompuan, kalau jantan...?@!!@$) and i said under my breath.. "eh macam eryn.." and the lady turned around immediately and voila! it is ERYNN a.k.a Hanniza Therina!!!!

what a reunion!! we exchanged phone number, have a small chat.. salam², hugs²... i did asked her where is erynn jr. since i remembered her being pregnant during our grand reunion last year.. she said her apprentice is downstairs with her mum... so we parted..

and i met her again downstairs.. this time with little ERYN JR.. her name is eryn too... (huahuahua...) and oh how soooooo adorable she is!!!! with her curly hair.. round face and eyes... and the most important thing.. she likes me!!! eryn said it is a miracle since she doesnt really like strangers...

will post again soon.. my workload is abundance..


deepest gratitude..  

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specially dedicated for my beloved friends;

~~farina, min & seri~~

for setting up the red code alarm signal to help me for my wedding costume.. aku terharu sebenarnye.. terima kasih...

"tanpa dirimu hidup tak bererti,
tahukah kau cinta ku murni,
jangan kau pergi,
tiada ganti
harapan yang ada tersemat di jiwa...
semoga kau sentiasa....
di sisi...."

korang nyanyi la sendiri.. nak hire abang nuar mahal noo...
thanks a lot.... :)


happy anniversary girls!!!!  

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my darling girls, sspians 95~99....


its been 9 years since we left the school.. and see how we thrive..
the bond we shared getting stronger despite of our distances now from one another..

may the upcoming years bring us more joy and happiness, as well as more cute little babies as our apprentices... muahahahaha....

I LOVE YOU ALL... i really do, ;)


shop shop shop  

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these few days, i had been on online window shopping ...

and i heart these blogs:

thought i share with you girls..

as i am in a rural area, online shopping kind of fits me.. plus it gives me another "curik-tulang" activity to do during office hours.. muahahaha

if anyone there who knows any interesting shopping blogs, do tell.. will you? ;)



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wanted, email, clubbing, Black, smoking, talk, walk, time...

wonder what they are??



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am helping a friend by the name of DEBOB TREGEZUET to sell lappies of above model..
PRICE - RM2700 (installment accepted)
full specs? --> please leave me a msg
any questions? --> as above..hahaha...

i attached herewith pictures of available colours:


Be A Kid Again  

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i found this while surfing for a new template for my blog, it's kinda fun since i still do some of it, for me.. its good to keep the "kid" in you alive to help you realize the importance of being carefree.. but when the "kid" take over you, then you'll be never be taken seriuously.. :)

i highlighted those that i still do up to these days... muahahaha...


1. Do a cartwheel.
2. Sing into your hairbrush.
3. Walk barefoot in wet grass.
4. Play a song you like really loud, over and over.
5. Dot all your “i”’s with smiley faces.
6. Read the funnies. Throw the rest of the paper away.
7. Dunk your cookies.
8. Play a game where you make up the rules as you go along.
9. Step carefully over sidewalk cracks.
10. Change into some play clothes.
11. Try to get someone to trade you a better sandwich.
12. Eat ice cream for breakfast.
13. Kiss a frog, just in case.
14. Blow the wrapper off a straw.
15. Have someone read you a story.
16. Find some pretty stones and save them.
17. Wear your favorite shirt with you favorite pants even if they don’t match.
18. Take a running jump over a big puddle.
19. Get someone to buy you something you really don’t need.
20. Hide your vegetables under your napkin.
21. Stay up past your bedtime. (like everyday?)
22. Eat dessert first.
23. Fuss a little, then take a nap.
24. Wear red gym shoes.
25. Put way too much sugar on your cereal.
26. Make cool screeching noises every time you turn a corner.
27. Giggle a lot for no reason. (just pretty recently, :) )
28. Give yourself a gold star for everything you do today.

so, which one are you?