~~ a dual celebration  

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its been a while huh.. i am quite busy sekrang ni.. carik duit lebih, nak kawin, nak raya.. :)

im selling kurma madu Yussof Taiyuub now, and some raya cookies.. (ada satu papan with 16 samples), nak beli ke?? :)

besides that, im doing a part time job on the net, which requires me to send mass emails inviting people to do this part time...

this is NOT A SCAM, because my opes mate dah dapat duit pun, and it actually requires us to work.. NO FREE MONEY, but then, to those who laugh at me, its oke.. it hurts but its oke..

to those people who received my email, i do hope you can reply accordingly, because only by you replying to the email PROPERLY, i will be PAID, not much just 40cents per email.. if you're not interested, I HOPE YOU CAN REPLY IT TOO.. then you can just simply ignore the email my "online-boss" sent you, but you had already CONTRIBUTED 40CENTS TO ME, :)

but then, everything is still up to you.. hehe, to my dear friends and families, THANKS A LOT FOR SUPPORTING ME!!! it means so much even its just so small an amount... if i failed to repay you, you know that GOD WILL.. and HE NEVER FAILS.

the freedom we enjoy today mungkin tak ada makna besar sangat to our generation but try to visualize us in a war, like IRAQ, or BOSNIA.. which na'uzubillah, but not impossible at all.. what with our current POLITICS SITUATION!! not so hard to imagine after all!!

dalam kegembiraan berkonsert malam merdeka tu, jerit² tengok bunga api, kalau boleh sebelum tu makmurkan la masjid bersolat sunat terawikh, barulah merdeka itu penuh makna, ramadhan itu terasa rahmatnya.. janganlah dikejarkan dunia sahaja sedangkan semua tahu dalam sekeras² kepala otak pun yang mati itu pasti dan akhirat itu kekal selamanya... peringatan untuk aku ni haa sendiri dan semua... semoga keberkatan RAMADHAN yang mulia ini melimpah ruah kepada semua yang mencarinya... ANDAI KAU TAHU INI RAMADHAN TERAKHIR MU... what will you do?

im going back to kuantan tomorrow after work with OKAH n OKID!! wish us LUCK!!! badly needed it!!! eheheeh... ouh yaa forgot, i took o-o to vet today, biasala budak², kena amek injection monthly, eheheehee...

till then dear friends...


aku mulut besa?? (abang mesti setuju.. :P)  

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kebosanan melanda diri..aku melayan mende2 alah kat blogthings ni..

Your Mouth is a Little Big

You're not a total tell all, but you don't hide who you are either.

You've struck a good balance between discretion and sharing.

People know you fairly well, at least on a superficial level.

But you save your most revealing secrets for your best friend... or no one!

~~Singa, I am.. nah, not really...  

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You are 67% Leo

konvoi lagi..  

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kami yang suka berkonvoi!!!

ehehe,actually abang does, and his friends.. the LPC team to be exact..
i am one of them, so aku layankan ajeeeeeeee....

previous week, LPC was invited to join a launching event for an insurance company named Steerage sumthing2, lebeh kurang aa.. e-hayat is the name, but we called it e-mayat..ahahahahaa...

aktiviti dia? apa lagi.. konvoi laa..mengiringi artis jemputan, which was arry putra.. who? yeah i dont even know him.. the rest of us pun tak tahu menahu siapakah makhluk ini.. we came not for him though,just for the fun of konvoi..ahahahah.. tapi we (me and am) did not wait till the function is over..

we had other obligations to succumb to..

next konvoi...happened yesterday by the theme of "INDEPENDENCE DAY" which we named ~~LEDAKAN MERDEKA 51~~

HAHAHA, i do think i look really-good in the pic to your right.. ahahhaha... kamera jamali bagusssss laa... buat orang nampak cantik dan kurus... beli kat mana?? SAYA SUKAAAAAA

(masuk bakul angkat sendiri is sumtimes gud for your own self-esteem)

aktiviti? lagi2 konvoi, lagi2 konvoi.. dah nama kelab kete kan.. we do what we're soooo gud at..


we ended the konvoi at Maliessa Resort where we ate, played games,take more piccies, gelak2, guling2, eratkan silaturrahim and etc..

in spite of all that fun.. we made sure that we do not forget our creator, Allah S.W.T... tak sesiapa dibenarkan tuang2 solat aa.. to summ it all.. WE LAUGHED A LOT.. and thankfull to GOD for blessing us with a peacefull country to live in...



~~hari jadi  

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its my birthday today... shud be sumthing to be remembered ain't it.. but i wish to forget every single moment... except all those warm pleasant wishes from family and friends...

a day that i do not want to treasure, i do not want to remember.. it hasnt ended yet, but i just cant barely take any anymore...

aku tak tau macamana nak luahkan.. i dont know what word fits.. the pain, the frustration..
being a "sponge-hearted" i am..i know i'll get over this by tomorrow... but deep down it resides, and accumulates untill it finally hardened the "sponge"...

vulnerable at the mo.. i dont even feel like seeing anyone... and the urgent files i need to send out by tis morning still lay there on the front table... hati, soalnya hati... dan pengisian hati yang baik adalah dari Allah... kuatkan hati ku Ya Allah... permudahkan lah jalan ku kembali pada Mu... kupulangkan sepenuhnya cinta dan rindu yang hanya sebenarnya milik Mu...

wahai hati... bertahanla.. seperti selama ini kau bersama ku menempuh segalanya.. sejujurnya aku hanya ada kau dan DIA yang maha kaya...


~~from amieheidi's.. sumthing to ponder  

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Excerpts from amieheidi's blog, i dont even know her.. farina gave me her blog add which she stumbled upon surfing... since then, i frequented her blog.. and i get to know her on the surface, she's from brunei, studying in medicine or sumthing related to it, and what keeps me reading are the facts that she was once a "mini-skirt-wearer-cum-flirter" who now realized the beauty of wearing hijab and being a muslimah... in search of inner peace of mind and soul i am, i find her blog like an oasis... thanks to her... and may you learn sumthing out of it too...

Muslimah are like pearls not roses

~~ Muslimahs are not roses, which show off their beauty to everybody, unguarded, every bee can take a sip of its nectar, and yet, wilt after being fertilized, but muslimahs are pearls, whose beauty is preserved and taken care of, guarded by the shells of the oyster.
After all, bidadari in syurga are likened to pearls in surah Al-Waqiah: 22-23.

“Dan (di dalam syurga itu) ada bidadari-bidadari yang matanya cantik, laksana mutiara yang tersimpan baik” - Al-Waqiah: 22-23

Would you rather be similar to the bidadari, who are guarded, and whose beauty are hidden, or be similar to jahilliyah women who displays their beauty for everyone to look at them?

This is why, it is necessary, to be protected like a pearl, nestled deep within the shells of the oyster, rather than be a rose, unguarded, and can wilt anytime. ~~

am i a pearl or a rose??
wud i rather be a pearl or a rose??

roses are tempting, aren't they? but they are a sight too common nowadays, and the price only hike up seasonally.. but pearls, just by the fact that original pearls are hard to find makes it priceless... tapi ada pearls yang man-made from plastics.. maybe that is what i am now, a plastic pearl... fake,pretentious... ouch... wuu hurts..

cakap banyak tak guna, you claimed you have a brain.. use it azhe, wisely...



melayankan mata yang ngantuk...  

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mata berat 5kg setengah hari neh...

mondays.. always...like...this....


last weekend, a few of my friends get married.. congratulations to all of you, shafi+ujang, rozi+faizul... august is definitely the month to get married, heheheee and im expecting a lot of newborns around april next year maybe??

eheheeh, my sis and akak ipar are preggies too, one week apart from each other and already in their 2 months... tambah la lagi bilangan anak2 sedare mok ude yang cun... kan aiman?

aizril biasa tak layan aku sngat except bila dia nak sumthing je, sebab aku pernah nak titiskan sos cili dalam mata dia,ahahahahahahaha.... talking bout creeters!!

tengok aiman ngan jiha (anak sedara am) bukan maen lagi lentok2 baek amek gamba... sabo man, kasik aa mok ude kawin ngan pak cik dia dulu..

hari ini juga, one of my gud fren patah hati.. cintanya ditolak, but if you asked me, the one who loses is the girl.. she doesnt know what she's missing.. am not taking sides but i can see how sincere he is, biarlaaa.. orang tu tengah di atas puncak dunia.. the world is her's for today.. let's see how long "today" will last... as for you ma fren, move on, will you.. take your heart and leave... she just doesnt fit anywhere in it

am having gud time with both of my housemates, okah n okid are doing fine!! bought a new larger cage for them, new type of canned food, having pets is time consuming!! phew...
anyhow, it makes me less selfish and not being so self-centered... gud for building characaters..

abang is leaving for kl this evening,, nak ikut.. but dont think he wud even like the idea, sigh..

to adrian, ko bosan..aku juga bosan.. mari membakar opes, so sume orang kelam kabut dan kite tak bosan lagi.. sebab sebok kena maki..

oleh itu, ko buat la apa patut nyah oiii... aku dah tak tau apa nak pkir lagi.



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its common to hear "jangan main ngan makanan, makan jangan main2, etc.." from the elders when we were small kids, maybe that time we dont even know why, the logic behind it..
but now, after being the elders ourselves.. some of us just still dont get it

i stumbled upon a picture of a "kinky" cake in a mutual friend's blog today, and i am deeply frustrated.. honestly...

what on earth where they thinking that persuade them to make that kind of cake?? the sight of it is soooo sickening!!!

what fun that is to make a cake that looks like sumone with "oversized" sexual organs, or decorated with sexual organs pictures?? HOW LOW DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY SEE YOU!!!

i didnt get the joke, and i dont think i ever will.... im not an angel myself, i sinned a lot.. i neglected a lot too.. but please, food is very basic in life, kenapa dengan rezeki yang ALLAH bagi awak dapat makan awak buat mainan macam tu? cant you at least have respect for the food??
setiap apa awak makan tu, rezeki tuhan bagi untuk awak, kenapa serendah itu awak hargai pemberian DIA???

from the size of the cake and the details on it, i bet it must be costly... ye awak kaya, money means nothing, you can practically buy anything you ever wanted.. tapi kalau hal duniawi ni, tengokla orang yang lagi kurang dari kita... makanan awak buang2 buat main camtu, pikirlaa sket guna akal yang diberi, ada orang lain yang makan nye hanya seminggu sekali...

i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is mine.. im sorry if i offended anyone, i wrote this for me, a reminder to myself, untuk sentiasa sedarkan aku supaya bersyukur dengan rezeki, supaya aku tak menganggap rezeki itu sesuatu yang sentiasa diperlekeh dan dihargai hanya bila ia dah ditarik...

masing2 suma dah besar, lu pikir sendri laaa....

adios, xoxo

aktiviti ujong minggu  

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to show you how i kill weekends @ telok ramunia..

~konvoi, alot of it~bbq~beaches~makan2~kites flying~ beach soccer~sand castle~mandi lawut~croc's farm~muzeum tour~naek hilltop tengok yard yang kosong... heheheeee...~

i know, some of you might say..azhe tak tau bersyukur, maseh nak bosan2 lagi..
well, you might be true.... but then, i am human, and human are hard to please..

ehehehe, btw.. alhamdulillah.. GOD blessed me with PICTURESQUE sceneries everywhere and WONDERFUL and sewel friends...


adios, xoxo

that's me, and my canary..

O.r.k.a.h & O.r.k.i.d REVEALED!!!  

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ehehehee, meet my new babies...

>>> Orkah, male, kelabu itam
>>> Orkid, female, white w black spots
** the name is with silent "r" for easy pronounciation

dah lama tak bela kucen, dolu2 time sekola rendah.. tapi pun mak yang bela, i tau gentel je.. so when i received my double O's, macam tak reti sangat, kesian dia susah payah gigit friskies keras tu, later i realize kena soften it with milk for kitteh yang less than 3months.. ehehehe...

bear with me laa okah okid, you know i love u... (kena ikut pendekatan saikologi nak bela anak neh, :p)

adorable they are, my housemates..eventho dia duk cage tapi cage tu still kat dalam rumah la kan...

okah >>> loves to climb your shoulder and stay there, to sleep
okid >>> suka gigit kaki tanpa jemu
azhe >>> obsess with both o's
you >>> thanks for reading, hahahhaha...

me,okah,okid ~~~) one happy family @ sg.kapal!!!!

adios, xoxo

O.r.k.a.h & O.r.k.i.d  

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who? ehehheee...

my new L.oV.e.

coming soon, sebab aku tak ada gamba nak diupload lagi..

stay tuned!!!

adios, xoxo

malam yang melemahkan semangat...  

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i got the fright of my life last nite.. entering my house's bathroom after coming back from Kota with sayang... there it was, the biggest centipede i've ever seen live in my whole 26th years of living... well, maybe i've seen one of those at the zoo or exhibition elsewhere, but i really never ever have the slightest intention to see one creepy crawling my bathroom floor!!!!!!!

the size was about two fingers and it was about 15-20cm long with black-red colour (i am certainly not exaggerating!!) the sight of it just burst my internal organs and sending fiery red alarms to my brain to run away pronto..and for good, never to return ever again..

lucky for me, my xavier, the love of my life is still outside waiting for mus to fetch him, hearing me babbling like nuts calling for help, he soothe me and went after the enormous lipan.. he couldnt find it at first which caused me to half hysteric phase, he kept on searching an voila!! there it is, i was not there to witness it.. just cant bring myself altogether, but i kept a fake brave upfront, came into the kitchen, and watched.. how it wriggles, trying to free itself, i can still visualized it.. but i cannot stay for long, fear overwhelmed me again... up to now, i am still a little nervous, patah semangat aku nyah!!!!

he did managed to kill the centipede (sorry, centipede..but you're harmful) and took it with him in a blue plastic bag to be thrown way away from my house... but i haven't stopped crying (i didnt mentioned this earlier right..) yeah i cried throughout the event, and sobbing hard... sangat takut.. fear conquered me, and i was so nerve-wracked.. the tears juct kept coming, and the sobbed getting harder..

he tried his best to console me, thanks sayang... he told me im strong, i've been through a lot and this is just one of it... (me, town girl..living alone in kampung area, near "jungle") i didnt like staying here, i just dont feel belong.. with all species of the world of insects around me, shooting "Bugs Life" on their own, a much hectic version... its hard for me to get through.. and now this... when he left, i was still crying.. but a bit under control.. trying hard to get a grip on myself, i called home.. to abah of course, 26 years old calling abah to ngadu about a lipan in the bathroom.. i really feel like a small girl, and i am always abah's little girl...

abah's theraphy works like a charm.. i do feel a little brave, and hold onto it like it was my last breath, i entered the bathroom... (after almost an hour of effort to calm myself down) eyes wandering around, feet ready to sprang any moment.. i managed to complete my ablution and leave the bathroom steadily....

alhamdulillah.. i am still breathing untill now.. fear partially conquered, am building back my semangat.. pray for me my friend, i need all the pray i can get...
simple things it might be for you, one giant big step for me...


a new beginning  

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hehee, its been so long since aku dah ada cite2 nak buat blog aku sendiri, tapi kebanyakan masanye aku tak carik masa..
jadik aku tak ada la blog sampai ke saat ni,,kenapa aku bleh ada masa plak sekarng, after all this years? mungkin sebab sekarng aku dah lebih kenal diri aku sendiri..
aku dah tak drama queen sangt lagi seperti dahulu..:)
my status will change by end of this week, so will my life i guess... a small step to establishing the realtionship i worship for almost 5 years... all those sweats, blood and tears... most substantially.. the laugh and priceless life experiences we shared.. i prayed hard that it will be according to plan smoother than silk...
one thing i hope wont change for good is the beautiful friendship i shared with my friends..they do know who they are very well.. and i do know they are proud to be one.. heheheeh... as time passess, we get to really know who are the real one who stays come turbulance or flash flood.. and i am deeply thankful for them who lent their shoulders every time i wept (countless time, trust me..) they know i will be there for them too..
for all my newly married friends, may god bless your newly built family eternally.. and do pray that mine will survive all those "dugaan sewaktu berdarah manis ini".. me being hot-headed when he is mr.super-cool.. not exactly a gud match to tell the truth.. but we enjoy each other's company so much even in all the fights we had, which is..sangat banyak kali..ahahhahah
i hope i can keep this blog this time for my own self.. having a gud way to channel my thots and feelings is gud for me now.. since im living alone and quite far from beloved family and friends.. so i wont end up bottling my enermous emotions into my so tiny heart..aahahahaha...
till then.. adios...xoxo..