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assalamualaikum to all...

whoaa, its been so long i thought i closed this blog forever.. but then i decided not to.. i love sharing even more now that i have soooo much to tell, im a mother now, and like all mothers.. i will be writing a lot about farah lina, my now already one year old daughter.. life has been pretty much very different now than it was before lina is born.. not only we have her around which are extremely wonderful experiences day by day, i am also now no longer a career lady i was before.. yes, i am now a full time housewife and loving it to the bits.. eventhough i was scared at first...

i was officially unemployed Jan this year, my company's rough days don't seem to end.. so they're letting go of their employees, and both me and my husband were among the "lucky" ones selected for vss, my husband went first and i followed him two months later, but i didn't actually go to work during the last 2 months, because.. i had a baby.. lina has arrived..

i very much wanted to share my labour experience but i have to do it in the next post, being a full time mother, i have to be very efficient on time management too since lina is demanding a lot of together play time, and i hated to frustrate her by saying "no, ibu has work to do", and now is the time she wanted me, to help her stacking up her lego bricks.. i hope that i will be writing again tomorrow, because now that i'd started, i feel like i missed doing this..

i'll tell you what happened the day lina was born tomorrow,till then..



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